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25 May 2021

How can I be a good host?

Often in the 21st century, being a good host needs a lot to be done. It is unlike what it used to be. Keep in mind that your guests have to deal with certain things, such as Wi-Fi and their passwords, puzzling home theaters and systems, among others. Becoming a remarkable host will never go out style, unlike other traditions. You only require a bit of organization and contemplation. You are up from being just an ordinary person who hosts visitors to being an exemplary host who makes people’s stay at your place be unforgettable.

Preparations for visitors are a double effort. It is not only tidying up the place but also getting information from your guests. For instance;

Prepare a guest information packet

Often, the first thing that people do when they get to their hotel bed after a long trip is flipping through the information packets offered by the hotel. The packet should contain all the information needed by your guests while you are not around, such as the Wi-Fi passwords, instructions on the use of home theaters and any other systems, as well as lovely relaxed places where your guests can eat and enjoy their stay. The information provided should make your guests autonomous. You can also include flyers and handouts for any local services that may be needed.

Stock up and set up for visitors

The most notable thing about staying at a villa or hotel is that the staff had anticipated your needs. Lovely villas ensure that the guests have sufficient guest towels, toiletries, among other necessities. It feels weird that, as a guest, you have to keep pestering your host for items. Your guests need to feel as autonomous and comfortable as possible. Provide fresh towels and linens for the few days they will be staying at your villa. Ensure all the towels are fresh before the visitors arrive, and let them keep feeling fresh. Provide a nice guest robe and slippers to enhance their comfort.

Communicate before and during the visits

Poor communication with the guests can be the fastest course to an awful visit. As a good host, even before your guest arrives, you should send them an email or a call to inquire about the basic questions you may have, such as if there are any allergies to food and the general goal of the visit. Dietary inquiries give one a chance to go ahead and start planning. Besides, knowing what your guests have in mind helps you prepare everything they need or any other services they may need.

A friendly and amiable host

Keep in mind that the most unforgettable thing about your villa might not be about your décor or food. A host who welcomes your guests makes a prevailing first impression and can make or break your success.

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